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  • Author | Jordon Washington
  • Date | 8/3/2022 4:55 pm
SOUC & Conservative Care Card | Evan Kelley, DPT, COMT on the set of Today in Nashville

SOUC & Conservative Orthopedic Care


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And not wait. They provide same day and walk in orthopedic treatment. 14 locations throughout middle Tennessee. We are talking about sports, ortho, urgent care. Even Kelly's with us. Evan, it's good to see you.

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Good morning. Good morning. Good to see you as well.

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When people have the injuries or even the aches and pains, a lot of times you put it off because you don't take time off work or missed time in sports. You guys really send the message that sport ortho urgent care is about conservative orthopedic care first.

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Yeah, that's right. So if you look across orthopedics, you know, majority of injuries and aches can be handled conservatively. What I mean by that, we want to make sure that we exhaust all non-surgical options. So from injections to medications to physical therapy is a huge component of being able to manage conservative care. That being said, if you look across our company, a majority of our locations have physical therapy embedded right inside of our clinics.

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And therefore we can offer things from modalities to try needling manual therapy, hands on treatment to therapeutic exercise and movement strategies.

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And, you know, when these things happen, you don't want to wait. Right. Right. And you guys do same day and walk in, which is really crucial when it comes to addressing it quickly. What type of things do you guys see?

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Oh, gosh. You know, I like to tell people, look, we treat from 2 to 102. Right. So from your toddler fractures to your sports injuries to maybe your chronic conditions like chronic pain or chronic back pain, neck pain, we treat it all.

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So when people want to come there, you also do have that surgical care. You know, we talked about the conservative, but if it's an urgent thing, you have a fracture or something that needs to be addressed quickly. That's something you guys deal with.

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That's exactly right. Yeah, we see fractures every day, all day. And sometimes you're right. And maybe those things need to get to surgery faster. And we obviously recognize the need for the surgeons. And so we absolutely have that available to us. But again, we want to make sure that we exhaust all of those non-surgical options if the if the injury presents itself.

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All right. In the sports world, when do we need to see an orthopedic specialist?

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I'd say yesterday. Right. So if you're looking at injuries, right. The longer it's there, the more likely it is to affect another joint or continue to progress. And so, like you mentioned earlier, you know, getting time off of work or not being able to do things with your kids, the faster that we can address those issues, the better outcomes are going to be.

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Get you back out there.

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A lot of that. Okay, you guys, also through your treatment, you guys tell people what they can do at home to maybe alleviate.

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Sure. Absolutely. So we obviously tailor and physical therapy tailor any sort of home exercise program. Our goal really is every appointment you come to from a pet standpoint should be different. Right? We're trying to progress, regress and make sure that we're on the right track and that takes the patient involved, that takes the therapies involved and that takes our providers involved.

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So it's all one unit.

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Well, I love that you can do the same day and walk in. I can't get that out of my head because when you have kids, I think you're like, I need help fast. Well, they're available for you. Sports ortho urgent care dot com is a place to go find the location near you. 14 different spots all across middle Tennessee with physical therapy at most locations, correct?

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That's right.

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Good chat with you. Give them a like on Facebook as well, sport. Ortho, urgent care you're watching today in Nashville. Thanks.